Strengthening Our Economy

Building and maintaining a strong economy is essential to our quality of life. But it’s the way the economy is built that is important. Dan Rayfield believes our economy should be focused on creating good-paying jobs that allow families to plan for the future.

Dan believes that through investment in education, vocational training, incubation opportunities, and incentives, we can create a business environment where innovation and entrepreneurs flourish.

Dan Rayfield’s economic plan is focused on creating an environment for growth and opportunity:

  • Continue to invest in tomorrow’s renewable energy technology to create goodpaying jobs today.
  • Offer grants and low-interest loans for small businesses that increase hiring and payrolls.
  • Invest in universities and community colleges to build a skilled workforce and create jobs through innovation.
  • Support child care subsidies for low-wage working families.
  • End expensive taxpayer-financed handouts to out-of-state corporations.
  • Create incentives that make sure state investments go to Oregon companies.