ODOT to Make Additional Changes at South Third Street Crossing

CORVALLIS – Since the most recent tragic incident at the Third Street crossing in South Town Corvallis, Representative Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) has been working with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to identify solutions to make the crossing safer. ODOT has since identified additional changes to be made at the crossing to improve safety.

“Safety in our community is a top priority,” said Rayfield. “It was clear that additional safety measures needed to be taken and we are pleased that ODOT was responsive to this request.”

This week, during conversations with ODOT, Rep. Rayfield received confirmation that the following four safety upgrades will be made at the crossing.

- Striping Improvements: upgrade the striping at the crosswalk to make the crossing more visible and discourage lane shifts in the area.
- Enhanced Illumination: install permanent lighting at the crosswalk, either in the form of street lighting or pedestrian scale lighting.
- Lower Speed Limit: reduce the speed limit of the traffic as it nears the crosswalk both north and south bound.
- Advanced Warning Lights: install flashing lights ahead of the crosswalk that alert motorists when the crosswalk lights are activated.

At the request of Rep. Rayfield, ODOT is exploring additional alternatives, such as adding an overpass or traffic signal to the crossing. These options have longer timeframes and must be evaluated for compatibility with the South Town Transportation System Plan (TSP) that is under development. A TSP describes a transportation system and outlines projects, programs, and policies to meet transportation needs now and in the future based on community aspirations.

“These four permanent solutions are a good start to improving safety at the crossing,” said Rayfield. “This is an ongoing issue and it will remain a point of focus for our office.