Rayfield and Olson Team Up to Help Youth Offenders

This week, the State House passed a bipartisan bill to expand support services for young offenders as they reenter into the community.

House Bill 2579, Chief Sponsored by Representative Dan Rayfield (HD-16, Corvallis, and Philomath) and Representative Andy Olson (HD-15, Albany), expands services for youth offenders as they transition supervision from the Oregon Youth Authority to County parole and probation authorities.

Currently, as youths transfer into the supervision of county parole and probation authorities, they lose access to vital services provided by the Oregon Youth Authority. These services help to get youths moving in the right direction and reduces recidivism. This bill would restore access to these services during and after this transition.

“I want to make sure that youth offenders have access to the services they need to get on the right path. The time after release is crucial for facilitating a healthy transition back into community,” Rayfield said.

Services that are expanded by the bill include items like temporary housing, transportation, food, college applications, purchasing clothes, and getting an ID.

“This bill is really going to help OYA move forward in reaching out to counties. I always appreciate working with Rep. Rayfield on common sense policies,” said Olson.

The bill passed both the committee and the House floor unanimously.